Detailed Photos Sent Upon Request

My website template is being a little uncooperative about images on this page, so please email me and I can send high quality photos of all these floggers. The email link is in the page footer. Or go to my Etsy store to see the photos. The link is in every page footer.

  1. Yellow and black zigzag handled bootlace scourge. Harsh, severe, advanced users only.42 tails, 5 blood knots on each tail. $225.
  2. Forest green and black four square handled bootlace scourge. Severe. 42 tails, 5 blood knots on each. $225.
  3. Royal blue and black chevron handle deerskin basher with 80 20 inch-long tails cut 5/8ths wide. Two whole hides of tails! Sensual, thuddy, soft. $350.
  4. Red and black handle with embossed cowhide tails, 20" x 5/8ths wide. Slappy, stingy, thuddy. $190.
  5. All black elk with 20 inch long tails. Thud and no sting. Lovely hide. $200.
  6. Red and black flame pattern deerhide. 20" tails. Soft, sensuous. $200.
  7. Dark chocolate deerskin. Beautiful hide, 20" tails. Sensous, soft. $200.
  8. Chestnut and pale pink goat wide narrow zigzag handle, 16" flogger. Light thud, softer. $170.
  9. Red and black medium cowhide with 16 inch tails $180.
  10. Yellow and black double diamond handle with heavy bison zinger tails, 1/4 inch wide, cut to pointed tips. Extra tails. $250. Big thud, no sting.
  11. Purple and black four square handled heavy bison zinger basher (extra heavy tail bundle), $350. Big thud, no sting.
  12. Aqua and black flame pattern 16" deerskin tails on this mop flogger with double the usual tail count. Great for close-in work and pink parts, soft, sensual, thuddy. $300.
  13. Copper metallic 16" cerdo mop with gold/silver/bronze/pewter checkerboard handle $175 Soft sensation.
  14. Red and black birds eye handle with 20" red Italian cowhide tails. Sensual, softer thudy, no sting. $225.
  15. Angora goat fur flogger. 23 inch long hand cut tails, 1.5 inches wide, with curly, long black hair. Red and black zigzag handle. Exotic, an HT exclusive, these hides were not available for many years. I have hides in auburn, and red, as well. $350. Totally unique. Heavy thud with a touch of sting.
  16. Gray and black triple chevron handle with black perforated cowhide tails, 20 inches long. Scratchy stingy medium thud. $190.
  17. Red chromexcel cowhide tails, similar to thin latigo, a saddlery leather from Horween Tannery in Chicago. Cherry red tails match the red and black wide chevron handle. This flogger is discounted in price because there is a very small spot of discoloration on the backside of two tails, only noticeable on close inspection. $180.

I have a lot of precut tails on hand from a variety of unique hides not shown on the website yet. Black perforated cowhide, fantastically soft, medium brown Italian hair sheep, golden mule deer. Pearlized lambskin in beige. Heavy black mosse, while it lasts. Port Winnegpeg bison, cognac bison, red and forest green thin bullhide, red Italian cowhide. Heavy black Horween deer.