I founded Happy Tails in the mountains of Northern California and came of age in the San Francisco scene in 1997. Built upon a commitment to using innovative design and revolutionary construction methods, Happy Tails became the leading, high quality, professional maker of floggers and whips world-wide by early 1998. Lezlie had discovered her life's work. Perfect clicker-cut tails from every kind of hide, the first to import aand use kangaroo lace for handles, introducing a variety of classic and new handle patterns, with a unique style that suits every taste and preference. Immersed in a variety of fine arts and handcrafts since childhood, I draw on these multi-ethnic and mixed-media artistic traditions from around the world - skills honed by participation in national and international artisan groups and associations, competitions for excellence in other media - and 29 years of pioneer, small-farm life-skills, made Happy Tails possible. All of this goes through my hands into every single item I've made and designed. And here, I want to credit my late mother, Audrey Ceran, an incredible artist herself, without whom Happy Tails would not exist.

It all began when Lezlie decided she was going to learn how to plait (braid):

It takes a certain kind of temperament, incredible patience, and hundreds of hours of practice to be able to plait fancy handles and do the complex pineapple knots... Just one knot takes about 6 continuous feet of leather lace to weave, a three-pass pineapple knot up to 15 feet! Many plaiters develop extremely strong hand, finger, and forearm muscles from the long hours of daily gripping and pulling. Few can do it in their spare time, and even fewer can do it for a living. In 2019 I had surgery on my right hand because I had such scarred, inflamed finger tendons, I was in constant pain and had lost the use of my hand. That's what 24 years of braiding can do. Plaiting is also mentally demanding, so temperament and patience are cricital to success.

I've been asked many times "How long does it take you to do a knot?" The real answer lies in the innumerable hours I've put in, cussed, and physically/mentally *hurt* to get to the point of my perfection, not just how fast am I now. I'm 61 years old now, and can't work as fast as I did when I was 40, to be honest, and I have to balance work with other life responsibilities and pursuits. I'm a very creative person and all of my interests and hobbies involve creating beautiful things with my hands, eyes, senses, and mind. It took blood, sweat and tears, literally, to become a great braider. When I was learning and memorizing the mathematical algorithms, sometimes I'd lock myself in the bedroom and cry for an hour when I couldn't get part of it right. But afterwards, I'd gather myself up and get back at it again. There was no YouTube back then, I had no mentor or teacher to help me. I had 3 books, anmd that was it. You have to have that patience, the drive, and the willingness go through all of that to become the best. The learning curve has been vertical for as long as I can remember, and even now, it's still vertical when there's something new on the horizon I have to master.

Since then, I've worked my magic on over 30,000 floggers, taking great pride in excellent craftsmanship and workmanship. The rest is history.

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The middle years.

After 11 years of conducting business in California, having lived in NorCal for 26 years, in mid-2008, I relocated to a farmstead in NE Iowa. Things became complicated when a rare, serious medical condition was diagnosed and major surgery was required (FAP, an inherited cancer syndrome caused by a DNA mutation). Then, by mid-2014, dark times had descended and I separated from my husband on very acrimonious terms. After fleeing his abuse and northeast Iowa, I relocated to a town in south central Iowa, near the Missouri border. I started the new Happy Tails with a new business partner in early 2017, but it ended in mid-2019 when he turned out to be another lying shyster just like my ex-husband.


The Phoenix has risen from the ashes:

In 2018 I returned to my beloved northeast Iowa, although a different region than before, almost as far northwest as you can go in the region, out on the windswept prairie. The prairie turned out to be the toughest environment, full of surprises, constantly testing humans who dare to live on it, and I swear it was trying to kill me, that first year. From record snowfall and blizzards, polar vortex, a tornado, wind storm, and flooding, I went through it all. But I have come to love this wide-open land, and the vistas are just as beautiful as others I've enjoyed. There are pheasants everywhere, wolves, deer, coyotes, and eagles, amidst the giant fields and CRP land. I used the move to reinvent myself and change my life, take advantage of new opportunities, and begin making Happy Tails into a very personal business. I live in a little 1881 house on a small homestead I've transformed into One World Micro Eco Farm, my second business, producing organic, sustainable produce on my quarter acre of precious, virgin, 3 foot deep, black Carrington loam soil. The best, humus-rich prairie soil you could ever imagine! The same dirt as the first settlers foumd under the thick grass sod, in 1865. Having a sustainable, income-producing, organic micro eco farm has been a lifelong dream of mine, and I have to beleive I was given this fabulous soil for a reason: Make the dream come true before you die. This is your chance to do it right, totally your way, using all your accumulated experience and knowledge.

In Sept 2020 my illness, FAP, had to be dealt with again, requiring another major abdominal surgery to prevent intestinal cancer, at Mayo Clinic. The (often painful) recovery process resulted in a couple of nasty new, chronic conditions making me miserable much of the time. That was almost 17 months ago as I write this. The doctors weren't entirely honest about what recovey would be like, until I had a diagnostic endoscopic procedure to find out why I had so much pain, after months of suffering and winter weather preventing travel. He was the one who informed me it would take an entire year, longer, in fact, for me to find the "new normal". Oh, great! That was both devastating news, and something of a challenge, and involved multitudes of lifestyle changes, some new medications, and holistic approaches to integrate everything, including Happy Tails, into what finally became my "new normal", trying to live a harmonious life, following my Nichiren Buddhist beleifs. I also began renovating my house, doing a lot of the work myself. It's like, one day I was suddenly doing a lot better; I was having more good days than bad days, and my system had finally settled down. It's still evolving, in smaller ways here and there, but it worked out pretty good once my body adjusted to it's new internal configuration and I found the right path forward. Harmony and good karma have always been important to me, and for Happy Tails. I've even got the new One World Micro Eco Farm business going full steam ahead this year, selling my bountiful organic produce.

Why my stuff is so good:

I'm not an amateur. I'm a professional with 24 years of experience in my craft, and I'm dedicated to my work. Happy Tails is a huge part of my life and represents me, who I am, personally, and I put long hours and lots of passion into everything I do. I have a customized, state-of-the-art 25 ton, Italian-built Atom SE clicker press and heavy-duty forged steel dies that I had fabricated in Montreal, CAN, by a company that makes the dies for Nike and New Balance athletic footwear, to precision-cut my flogger tails, and I offer a wider variety of hides than any other maker. I have a lot more types of hide on hand than shown on this website. Adding more types of hides for tails has been something I wanted to do for many years, but Stan refused. Now, I can buy any hides I want, and I have a new supplier I get spectacular one-time-buys from. I've modified my production methods within a wholistic framework, forged new business relationships, and sought harmony and balance in everything that can be affected by karma and energy. I've made improvements behind the scenes because 'innovation' is still my middle name. I no longer use any toxic products in making floggers, I've streamlined some of the production steps, and found some better ways of doing things. 2021 has already seen some new milestones for me, and new opportunities to follow. Since 2008 my personal email sig line has been "Success is when preparation and opportunity meet." (Andrea Smith, Music director for XM Radio 82, in an interview in 2008.)

Happy Tails, point by point.

The things that make me stand out from all the rest:


This is my life and livelihood, which I take pride in doing better than anyone else. No slacking, no distractions, focusing on what's most important: serving all of the leather and BDSM communities.


In my company with real equipment, like my clicker press, dedicated workspaces, and superior materials. No quilter's rotary cutters and rulers, no close-out, discount-priced hides. Investing time, effort, attention to detail, and loving care in everything I do.


A forward-looking devotion to new horizons, the creative development of new products, always evolving to meet and serve the present and future needs and preferences of my customers. I listen to what you tell me!


Impeccable customer care and individual attention given to every order. Respecting people, animals, the environment. Conservation and protection of natural resouces, human rights, and an anti-cruelty stance to all creatures.


My commitment to superior-quality products has never wavered for 24 years. I don't make ugly, cheap "dead-animals-on-a-stick" and what you see on my website is exactly what you'll get. Building trust with integrity.


Everything I make and sell is designed for sleek appearance and comfortable utility, built strong to last for years. Complimentary proportions, colors, patterns, shapes. Neat and precise construction.