Angora is special

If you want to flog and play without being too harsh, overly intense, and love fur floggers, then this is another great one to have. Your submissive or play partner might want flogging to be fun and on the gentler spectrum.Angora fur-on hides can be a part of that.

Angora goat floggers in your scenes

This is a good one for mid-scene, when your play partner isn't ready for the intense sensations yet to come. Or it can be perfect for the end of furry scenes and play. It's unlike other floggers in that respect and fun to own and use.

The sensation of angora goat

Somewhat thuddy, little sting from the 1.5 inch-wide tails. The lenght of the tails will vary some from hide to hide, but they aren't short and moppy. The 3 inch-long, white fur softens the sensation the tails produce compared to non-furry hides made in the same style. The tails are fewer in number as the cushy fur fills out the proportions of length, fatness and handle.

Angora goat, point by point:

The important features of angora goat floggers will guide you in your choices:

Weight and Texture

Heavy hides with long fur are cushy, and wooly, without being scratchy and harsh. The tails flow nicely and are versatile.


Medium intensity. Light thud and some sting. Wooly and complementary to other fur floggers in your collection. Different than bunny and Spanish lamb.


Either mid-scene in combination with other leather floggers or end of scenes with other fur floggers.


Angora hides only come in white for now. We may have other colors at a later date, but are hard to source.


One and a half inches wide, individually hand cut in a special way to avoid cutting into the fur and creating unattractive edges.


Vary in length as hides will vary themselves. They aren't sort and moppy, but aren't too long to easily use or require that you play in larger spaces to have enough room to throw your floggers.