Patterns and Plaits

We have 20+ handle patterns to choose from, more than any of our competitors can offer you! We can make the perfect handle to suit any taste. From basic to complex, bold to refined, conservative or splashy, subtle, bright, monotone, or with just hints of color in black. "Plaits" is pronounced "platts", and refers to the number of strands of lace that are used to make the patterns.


We have 27 colors in 3 widths, and 2 more in one width only, of kangaroo lace for our handles, including all 4 of the metallics, gold, silver, bronze and pewter, which other makers don't usually carry all of, and no other makers offer this many, either. In some of the color groups, we have at least one shade, light to dark, saturated, pastels and tints. We use these same colors in our whippy items, but only the most popular ones. Because those hides are specialy tanned for whipmaking, they have to be ordered in large quantities, at great cost, so we just can't stock than that.

Our complete list of colors is: black, red, yellow, dark yellow (3mm only), burgundy, royal blue, jacaranda, (forest) green, jade, purple, gray, white, hot pink, pale pink, cerise, aqua, golden tan, saddle tan, roan, chestnut, natural, whisky, brandy, chocolate, metallic bronze, pewter, silver, gold, faded yellow and faded rose (both in 10mm only).

(Shown: yellow, black 1-2-1 chevron.)

Basic Patterns

Our flogger prices on our site includes 8 and 12 plait handles. In total, we have thirty-eight (38) patterns and variations to choose from! Some are traditional Australian whip patterns, which Lezlie was the first to introduce, and others were created by her. No one else offers such a wide variety for flogger handles!

Eight plaits include: Checkerboard, Four Square, Herringbone. Chevron, Spiral, Wide Zig Zag, Wide Ring Braid.

Twelve plaits include: Bird's Eye, Double Diamonds, Triple Diamonds, Outline Diamonds, Herringbone, Irregular Herringbone, Zig Zag, Triple Chevron, Double Chevron, Triple Chevron, 8/4 Chevron, One-Two-One, Spiral, Ring Braid, Random Zig Zag, 8/4 Zig Zag, 10/2 Zig Zag. (Shown: brandy, chocolate random zigzag.)

Higher Plait Handle Patterns

For sixteen (16) plait handles add $25, and for twenty-four (24) plait handles add $50 to our basic flogger prices. Higher-plait, more complex handle designs always look handsome on any flogger. But when you're buying a flogger with tails made from some our fancier or extra-special hides, or with added tails for a basher or mop, you might want to consider upgrading the handle as well.

Sixteen plait patterns include: Wide/narrow Ring Braid, Wide/narrow Chevron, Wide/narrow Zig Zag, and our 8 plait patterns can be doubled to make 16 plaits, as well.

A few of our 12 plait handles can be upgraded to 18 plaits, but we do that only upon request.

Twenty Four plait patterns include: Chevron, Herringbone, Random Zig Zag, Zig Zag, Spiral, Bird's Eye, Double Diamonds, Triple Diamonds. Bird's Eye, Ringbraid, Wide/Narrow Ring Braid, Wide/narrow Zig Zag, Checkerboard, Four Square, Irregular Herringbone. (Shown: brandy, chocolate 24 plait bird's eye.)

Multiple colors in patterns

We use three widths of the kangaroo lace to create our patterns and pattern variations. Although these patterns are most often done in black and one color, they can also be made in two or three colors with black, all black, or one up to 4 colors with no black, and to an extent, they can be arranged in different ways to create them. However, this does affect the appearance of the patterns: how well they stand out, or how much it morphs them into a pattern variation, or a rather unrecognizable form. These alterations can be very beautiful in their own right, but the colors must be chosen carefully or the whole handle gets a little too "busy". We're happy to discuss all of these options with you to find the one you like best. Not every pattern and variation is shown in this gallery, nor is every color. So if you see something you like on another page, let us know what page that is when you contact us so we can identify it for you. Five rows of photos will appear as you scroll down.