Blood knots

A closeup of the bloodknots on our scourges. Each tail has five of them on the lower 6 inches.

This is a severe flogger and not one for beginners. The knots can leave tiny bruises. There is a lot of thud in this flogger, the 42 strands are fairly weighty. This flogger is easy to control, and the handle is counter-balanced, as always. You'd want to use this flogger towards the end of your scene, when you want maximum intensity (with the least amount of effort). Of course, you can vary your stance and how hard you throw the flogger to change the sensation towards the final build-up. Prices start at $200 for the 18-strand bootlace flogger, and $260 for the scourge. This includes the 12-plait handle in your choice of colors and pattern.