Why Do We Care?

Because it's the right thing to do! We treat our customers right, we do our work right, run our company right, and we treat the Earth, people, animals and environment respectfully. Our's is a strict code of ethics and a holistic philosophy about everything we do.

No Imported Junk

I only buy hides from Europe and North America, where there are humane animal laws and regulations on tanneries.


We believe the environment is precious in every way: preserving the land, air, seas, our freshwater lakes and rivers, plants, animals, grasslands and forests is the most important thing we can do.


We respect our Earth, animals, and people. Our entire planet depends on all of these interwoven elements for diversity and survival.


Our hides come from countries that prohibit animal brutality and cruelty, from birth through harvest. Animals give their lives for us, the least we can do is have and show compassion for them!


We operate with all required federal permits, licenses and inspections. We don't use any exotic animal hides, even when taken with "permits". Corrupt governments, officials, will sell every last animal for $.


We don't buy leather from countries that allow or condone: human trafficking, child sex tourism, child labor or marriage, worker abuses, the murder and mutilation of women and girls.


Shouldn't determine whether or not our planet and everything on it are protected. We're all here together on this beautiful Earth and we must live, work, think and act responsibly, as one.


We source our hides from countries that regulate the toxic tannery chemical discharge which poisons rivers, groundwater, the land, and the animals, plants and people that live and depend on it.


We support every effort to reduce climate change and the benefits the Paris Climate Accord can acheive. Everything on our planet, and our future on it, depends on what we do and how we act today!