Major News!

January 27th, 2022- The in stock page is pretty current. I have just published the Tax Refund Season Promotion. Now is a good time to order, because we are caught up on orders and ready to begin a new production cycle. I am fully stocked with hides, tails, and kangaroo lace, ready to make your dream flogger/s. Only the shipping promotion applies to in stock floggers, of course, since they're already made. I remain the only maker with black elk and heavy moose on hand.

December 4th, 2021

The elk hide shortage: There is no more black or chocolate elk left on the market. I can guarantee you that no other floggermakers have any. I have 3 black elk hides on hand, and the last deent hide available of mahogany elk. There will be no more until next February or March, next season! Get it while I still have it! New shipping options: I am able to offer Fed Ex shipping with a small pick up fee (I think it's only $4), since I'm a long ways from their depot near the Rochester, MN, airport. I can also ship by UPS, but I can't get it into their system until it's handed to our local driver. He's in the neighborhood at least 3 times a week bringing us packages, we just have to hand the box to him. I can only do Overnight or Next Day Air if he's making a delivery, so we can intercept him (both of us get tracking notifications and know when he's coming). Fed Ex and UPS know I'm a whipmaker and that we're here working all the time.

November 3, 2021:

I now list my floggers on Amazon Handmade. You can find my floggers on Amazon Search by typing in Happy Tails Floggers, otherwise they are buried in cheap Pakistani sex toy crap. I closed my Etsy store because of the high fees and abusive practices they put on sellers. I was having to raise my prices a ridiculous amount to cover the 30% Etsy was taking from each sale. Yes, it was worse than selling wholesale, and I don't like my customers being gouged. Not all of my in stock floggers are listed yet, so please contact me for pictures. My in stock page is never complete because we make more of them each week. I have about 45 floggers in stock.

I'm dealing with shortages, shipping issues, and cost increases on a weekly basis, it seems. I've had to raise my prices some to cover my increased costs of making my floggers, but I'm trying to minimize it when possible. I know you work hard for your money, just like I do, but I can absorb only so much. Postage rates have gone up. The average flogger costs $21.50 to ship, now. Depending on what you want to order, it can be up to 3 months for me to obtain a hide from my big supplier, so choosing from my inventory of hides and precut tails is faster and more reliable. I have a full inventory of kangaroo lace on hand.

My assistant and I are in full production, 5 days a week, and most orders are shipping within 1-2 weeks, depending on tails.