It's an important flogger

To have in your toy bag arsenal. From soft deer up to bison, bullhide is what you need next. Ratchet up the intensity of your scene with less effort than trying to do that with a lighter weight flogger. Save yourself some effort so you can play longer. Sometimes we have bullhide in colors; please inquire.

Using a bullhide flogger in your scenes

Bullhide is great for when you really want to make an impression on your play partner. Bullhide doesn't fool around when it comes to sending even the toughest bottom or partner into deepest subspace or mind space. If they want to play hard, for keeps, a bullhide flogger is the only one you'll need.

The sensation of bullhide

Bullhide is a "No-Bull" leather for any "Yes-Bull" situation! But seriously, this hide, in either weight, gives some serious sting from it's firm, strong tail edges, in addition to the deeper thud. The sting can be lessened somewhat by having the wider 5/8ths inch tails, so there are fewer edges hitting your partner's skin. Thin bullhide makes nice mops and bashers, and we can put another round of tails on regular size floggers made with the heavier weight.

Our Bullhide Flogger Image Gallery

Here's a detailed look at some examples of our bullhide floggers. Our regular size tail bundle is a great all-purpose flogger, but we can add more tails, like some of these have, shown below. With so many choices and options, we can certainly make one that suits your needs.

bullhide, point by point:

The important features of ouor bullhide floggers will guide you in your choices:

Weight and Texture

Bullhide is a heavy leather, even in the thinner weight we offer. It has a firm temper and they have an attractive top grain patterns.


Bullhide is super-thuddy, with a lot of sting in both weights, lengths, and tail widths. Or add more tails, so it's really intense.


Bullhide is best for later use in your scenes. Warming up your partner with plenty of endorphins first is recommended.


We keep black and chocolate hides of both weights, and lighter the weight in purple, red, and forest green. Additional ones upon request.


Choose your tail bundle to fit your desired thud/sting combination. You can mix the colors in them, too. Regular, mop, basher.


Sixteen (16) inches long, or twenty (20) inches long. We cut the tails one-half (1/2) inch wide, or five-eighths (5/8) inch wide, your choice. Both are nice.