The most popular flogger.

Elk is a gorgeous hide, thick, supple, squishy, and glovy. We use only the nicest ones, with the lovely, distinct top grain pattern, and free of blemishes. We have it in both black and chocolate brown. If you have to play in a smaller space,such as your home, our 16 inch long elk is a good option, and if you add extra tails, you can still have it as thumpy as our longer, 20 inch elk. A 20 inch flogger can be made thumpier, denser, in the same way. Prices start at $200 and includes 12-plait handle in your choice of colors and pattern.

Using an elk flogger in your scenes.

Elk can be used right after deer or another soft hide, as the next step up the intensity scale before you introduce any sting. By varying your throw, it can feel light or heavy thud. Any time you want to step down from sting, elk can soothe the skin. Having a second elk in your toybag, a heavier mop or basher, gives you even more variety in this lovely hide.

The sensation of elk.

Elk is thick, velvety, sensuous. The softer tail edges mean virtually no sting from this heavier hide. Almost pure thud and thump that's less intense than bison, our specialty 16" mops or 20" bashers are even denser yet, deeper thud. If you need some help figuring out what tail bundle is best for you, give us a call and we can give you more information for you to decide.

Our Elk Flogger Image Gallery

Here's a detailed look at some examples of our beautiful elk floggers in all it's glorious variety. Our regular size tail bundle is generous, buthere you can view our larger elk, too. With so many choices and options, we can certainly make one that suits your needs.

Elk, point by point:

The important features of our elk floggers will guide you in your choices:

Weight and Texture

Lek is a medium weight hide. Squishy, glovey, delightfully leather-scented. Beautiful grain pattern.


Virtually sting-free and variably thuddy depending on the tails. Sensuous, sexy, pleasure on the skin.


Mid-scene, before you introduce more sting and intense thud of a heavier hide like bison. Great for matched pairs and florentine flogging.


We have black and chocolate brown. They both look nice with any of our coordinating handle patterns and colors of lace.


Choose your tail bundle size to fit your desired level of thud. Regular, mop, basher, or buy more than one!


Sixteen (16) inches long, or twenty (20) inches long. We cut the tails one-half (1/2) inch wide, or five-eighths (5/8) inch wide in both lengths, your choice. All are nice.