Stingers are special

For those who prefer sting, this is the perfect toy. Seventy (70) strands of 3mm wide lace, the tips are individually cut at an angle. We combine black with two or more colors, your choice. The tails are about 20 inches long, and securely fastened so none will ever come out. Priced at $250 USD.

Adding a stinger to your scenes

It's always best to have your "victim" warmed up and ready to go up the ladder of sensation and endorphins when you bring out your stinger. The angle-cut tails of these fine strands will also roughen up skin, make it pink fast, and can lightly cut skin with longer use.

The sensation of a stinger

Stingers are all about intense sting. There is a bit of thump when the mass of strands hits your partner in a cluster, but not like a flogger with tails of heavier leather.

Kangaroo stingers, point by point:

The important features of kangaroo stingers will guide you in your choices:

Weight and Texture

Kangaroo lace is light, thin, fine-grained, and very strong. These 3mm fine strands have a strong edge to create all that sting with.


Sting and more sting. Skin gets pick fast, and when used for an extended time or thrown very hard, they'll will leave abrasions.


Best when your play partner has some endorphines flowing. Exactly where you want to introduce sting into your scene depends on your partner, as it's a rather personalized preference.


Kangaroo lace comes in many colors and a stinger can be made from all of them. Choose pure black, black and one color or more. Or maybe no black and all colors. However you like.


The kangaroo stinger comes in only one style. 70 strands of 3mm wide lace, cut about 22 inches long. Each tip of each tiny strand is cut at an angle.


Seventy strands, twenty-two inches-long, 3mm wide kangaroo leather lace.