Horsehair is different!

A full 1/2 pound of hair makes for a powerful horsehair that does more than sting, it has a heck of a thump to it, as well! Also available with just a 1/4 pound of hair, for a lighter, stingier, scratchier sensation. Please note how neat and evenly-made our horsehair floggers are. They don't look like the hair was just cut off a tail like cheap imported ones. Half-pound price starts at $185, quarter-pound at $165.

But will it shed?

No it won't!

We DON'T want you to go through that with OUR horsehair floggers! And you never will! We have our own special, proprietary method of securing the hair. Our awful experience with the first flogger we bought in early 1997, a small, short horsehair that fell apart the first time we used it, will not be yours!

What will it add to your scenes?

Horsehair is unique. It's scratchy, sharp, almost prickly, and turns skin pink really quick. It's better used in the middle to end of a scene, after some endorphins are working. A beautiful horsehair flogger is a joy to own and use; don't cheap out and get a bad one somewhere else! Some people say horsehair is like cilantro, you either love it or hate it. However, most "victims" enjoy horsehair when it's used appropriately in the scene.

Our Horsehair Flogger Image Gallery

Here's a detailed look at some examples of our beautiful horsehair floggers in all their glorious variety. We offer these in 1/2 pound and 1/4 pound hanks of hair in blue, purple, black, blonde, yellow, orange, green and red. The 1/2 pound hank requires our larger diameter handle, which when braided is 1.25 inches in diameter,

Horsehair, point by point:

Note: please be sure to read the care instructions on our Flogger And Leather Care page!

The important features of our horsehair floggers will guide you in your choices:

Weight and Texture

High quality horsehair is long, lustrous, but not fragile. The hair is coarse yet vibrantly alive. taken care of properly it stays that way.


Horsehair is mostly scratchy and stingy. The half-pound size has a lot of thump, as well, and the quarter-pound is less of a thump.


Horsehair is best for the middle to end of most scenes, as the skin is already warmed and ready for this more intense sensation.


We have it in black, blonde, jade green, yellow, blue, orange, red, and purple. We can combine more than one color, or one with black, too.


Our half-pound size horsehair flogger has the larger, 1" diameter handle, while the quarter-pound weight has our regular size handle.


Colored horsehair is 27 inches long. The blonde and black are available in other lengths as well, or can be trimmed to the length you prefer.