It starts with quality hides

As our largest hide supplier said of my ex-husband and I, we "never bitched about price, only about quality". And quality is the reason I only buy leather grown and tanned in North America, Europe and Scandinavia fro trusted suppliers. We will NEVER use Third World leather for a number of reasons, among them human rights violations, horrific, cruel, and brutal slaughter practices, ecological pollution and destruction, and the hides literally stink of plain, poorer quality.

We've sunk a lot of money into our equipment

We've always been true professionals. In all HT's iterations since 1997, we've invested heavily in the things we use to make our products be so good. We can cut heavier hides, and soft, thin, stretchy ones like lambskin, to a precise perfection unmatched by any other methods. No other maker can touch us! That's correct; I don't use garment-sewing rotary cutters and straight edge rulers, box cutters or scissors. I'm not "Amateur Hour" here. I don't churn out garbage merchandise.

I use an Italian Atom 25 ton clicker press, and have razor-sharp, heavy, forged steel dies with which I precision cut my flogger tails. The dies were engineered and built by the same Canadian company supplying dies to Nike and New Balance - and they really know the right way to cut leather!

I generally have some hides in stock, or I can order whatever is needed for an order and have it in 5 business days. I also have a source for unusual and unique, one-time-buy hides, right now of which I have a selection of softer Italian garment industry hides, as well as heavy black moose. I like to explore leather and my clicker press and dies allow me to utilize hides no one else can touch. From the heaviest bullhide to tissue-thin Mendocino sheep, and everything in between. My expert suppliers and their representatives know every exacting quality and detail I require in the hides I use for my floggers - Only The Best!

Servicing your orders

I'm usually able to fill anything you decide to order, within limits. Not every hide is available in every color, and colors have to match my kangaroo lace, and sometimes good hides aren't available.You also have to understand that some hides are very large and make custom colors expensive. I generally ask for two weeks to make your order, three if I'm backed up on orders. If yours is the only order at the time, I don't delay working on it. However, I do have a life outside of floggers that requires some of my time and attention, so I try to find balance in daily life, especially since my surgery in September. While Happy Tails is tremendously personal and important to me and is part of my identity, it does not define me as a whole person, and I am passionate about a few other activities, as well.

When we counterbalance or weight the flogger, we consider not only static balance, but dynamic balance, as well. Our static balance point is right above the lower knot, or within an inch of it. Our dynamic balance point is the lower quarter part of the hand grip, about where your forefinger would normally be when you grip the handle. This insures a comfortable grip and comfortable ease of use. During our initial design analysis so many years ago, we consulted with a physicist from UCLA to advise us on inertia and balance. His help assisted us in developing balance points for special needs, like small hands, or shoulder injuries, and the like. There's a lot of debate about counter balancing, but we've found it really does make a difference.

I use floggers, as well as make them; Lezlie used to be a heavy bottom and can tell the kind of leather tails from the feel on her back, although she's now a Service Top, using her floggers on others. She knows how every type of flogger feels from the receiving end, as well as the throwing end. When you consult with her about your order, you're getting advice and expert information from both ends of the flogger.


I have used kangaroo lace for my handles and knots since 1998. I was the first to import it and offer it to you, the customer; I continue to offer more colors, in more widths than any other maker. It's 4 times stronger than cow hide, and is the Cadillac of all leathers for braiding. I offer handles done in 8, 12, 16, and 24 plaits, or strands, of braiding. 8 and 12 are standard and included in the price of every flogger. You can upgrade to a 16-plait design for just $25, or a 24-plait one for $50. If you're going to buy a really special, custom mop or basher, or one made from a special hide, a higher-plait handle really does it justice.

Total length of the handles on most floggers is 9 inches, including the pineapple knots on both ends. Big extra-heavy floggers will usually have a handle that's 1 inch longer due to counterbalancing needs. The standard handle diameter, after braiding, is 3/4 inch; this is comfortable in the vast majority of people's hands. I also have 1 inch diameter if your hands are large. We do have to use this larger diameter handle for 1/2 pound horsehairs and flat cats.