Lambskin is soft and gentle!

Another great addition to the toybag of those who prefer sensual flogging! Although it's a thin hide, lambskin is a strong leather and the tails won't distort with use. Softer than deer, gentle like bunny, versatile enough to have a place in every flogger collection.

Using lambskin in your scenes

Lambskin is best used whenever you want to start out light and sexy, perfect for use on "pink parts", or creating a sensuous pause during more intense play. Lambskin never really "hurts" the way some other leathers do. It's safe for use on sensitive areas, even when thrown hard. Breast and genital play requires special consideration and lamb fills that "need". During more intense play, when a momentary cool down is required, bring out the lamb. Caressing the skin at any point in time, running the tails across the tenderized skin, the airy "whomp" of a harder throw, your sub or bottom can relax into the sensation and let endorphines flow.

The sensation of lambsjin

As previously described, it's gentler, softer, even when thrown hard. That's not to say there isn't any impact, it's just not a painful one. No sting, the impact is an airy "whomp", or use the tails to caress and kiss the skin. There are times you don't want to bruise, cause pain, but you still want sensation and impact. Lambskin delivers in these situations. On pink parts nothing works better than lambskin!