Deer is sensous and soft

Do you want to flog and play, or start your scene, without being harsh, overly intense, and instead be sensual and soft? Then deer is the right choice for you! Your submissive or play partner might want flogging to be nothing but fun, joyful, and gentle. Deer and doe can do that. Deer is perfect for flogging the most sensitive body parts, too.

Starting your scene with deer

Deer is an excellent way to start your scene. It will warm up your submissive or play partner gently and gradually, before you switch to a flogger that gives increased sensation intensity. Gradually increasing sensation over the course of your scene is important, as it gives their body time to release endorphins in stages, like climbing up a ladder - before jumping off the roof!

The sensation of deer

Deer hides are thin, glovey and very soft. When you hold the tails in your hands they're squishy and have an amazing textural feel to them. The soft tail edges make them sting-free. When you need to increase intensity, switch to a heavier hide like elk, rather than continue to hit harder and harder with your deer. The soft tails can become permanently stretched and distorted if thrown that way.

Deer Flogger Image Gallery

Below you can see beautiful, detailed examples of our deer floggers. Our most popular colors and color combinations. Tails in both lengths and widths. Our matched pairs. Add additional tails to the bundle for wonderful mops.

Deer and Doe, point by point:

The important features of deer and doehide floggers will guide you in your choices:

Weight and Texture

Deer hides are thin, light, and soft. Squishy. Glovy. Incredibly sexy on the skin. The grain pattern of a good, blemish-free deer hide like ours are, is truly lovely!


Light intensity. Light thud, no sting. With more tails to make a mop, the thud is increased with no added sting or other distracting sensations.


Deer is best used at the beginning of your scenes. It'll warm up your partner's body gradually. Also great for the cool down phase as you end your scenes.


Deer comes in many colors to choose from. We stock the most popular ones. The colors are saturated, lovely, jewel-toned hues. The colors all combine nicely, and match handle colors precisely.


We generally make regular-weight floggers of 41 (1/2 inch wide) tails in the bundle. You can add more tails to make it a mop, up to 70 tails total. With our wider tails there are fewer, but makes up the same weight and heft.


Sixteen (16) inches long, or twenty (20) inches long. We cut the tails one-half (1/2) inch wide, or five-eighths (5/8) inch wide, your choice. Wider tails equals less edges touching skin, creating a denser, deeper effect.