The difference between a mop and a basher.

Our mops feature our sixteen-inch tails, while our bashers are made with twenty-inch long tails. Both have up to double the normal size tail bundle. For example, an elk flogger has about 31 tails, while an elk mop or basher has up to 70 tails. "Super-mops", made from very thin, lightweight hides such as lambskin, have around 100-120 tails. Mops and bashers are always finished with three-pass pineapple knots around the tails due to their size; no other artisan but Lezlie makes these complex knots on floggers.

Chocolate elk mop with chooclate and brandy twenty-four plait handle.

Using mops and bashers in your scenes

Mops are perfect when you're in a smaller space, want or need to stand close to your "victim", or the tails are from a soft hide. Bashers are best made from heavier hides so the tails fly properly and cohesively; medium cowhide, garment bison, elk, moose, heavy bison, and all weights of bullhide make excellent bashers. Mops can be used throughout a scene depending on the leather chosen for the tails. Lambskin mops make lots of whoosh and a plush, sensuous thud when thrown harder, while an elk mop creates a quite dense thuddy impact. Bashers are almost always best used after endorphins are flowing and the skin is warmed up and ready for heavier thuddy impact. Lezlie typically uses her pure-thud moose basher to end the scene, throwing it in single strokes, the handle held in both hands. Both mops and bashers can be thrown in a variety of ways and stances to add versatility.

Black mop tails close up.

The sensation of mops and bashers

depends on what hide they're made from. The larger tail bundle creates an exaggerated thuddiness to that hide's usual sensation/s. The exception is garment bison, which is unique from all other hides. For being on the thinner side, the combination of the fibrous nature of bison leather, the slappiness and soft edges of the tails all come together to create incredible density of the over-sized tail bundle that generates deep, pure thud that can literally knock someone over when thrown with full force, with zero sting. Garment bison bashers are second to none and one of our most popular items, elk being the second most popular choice.

A big bison basher flogger.