Sophisticated appearance

Our fancy handles are designed with proportions and overall appearance at the forefront of our thought process. The color combination/s and complex handle braiding can't be overly "busy", which can easily happen if we don't exercise good judgment and control during the creation of them. While we're happy to make a fancy flogger handle in your desired colors and pattern, we always advise our thoughts on how it will look when finished because we want you to receive a beautiful flogger that doesn't make your eyes hurt! While our wide array of kangaroo lace colors and pattern choices are exciting and invigorating to consider, certain combinations look better in thought than in reality. We realize these limitations because our customers can't see things in person; we try to give solid examples on our website as guidance. Creativity is wonderful, but the end product we deliver to you reflects on us and our ability to communicate our experience in the results.

High plait patterns

All of our floggers can be made with higher plait handles. 16-plait patterns are $25 extra, 24-plait handles are $50 extra. They take a great deal more time to braid. If you're ordering a flogger made from one of our rare or unique hides, you should consider upgrading the handle to complement the special tails. 16-plait patterns include wide/narrow chevron and wide/narrow zigzag. Many patterns can be done in 24-plait, including checkerboard, double and triple diamonds, four square, ring braid, chevron, zigzag and random zigzag, herringbone, and bird's eye. We can usually, generally combine up to 4 colors, including black, but the patterns are mathematically-based so the more colors you combine in one, the greater effect it has on the final appearance of the pattern.

Our Fancy Handles Image Gallery

Here's a detailed look at some examples of 24 plait handles and brighter color combinations. You'll find many more spread across all of our flogger pages.