Goatskin floggers are unique

Do you want a flogger made from an unusual leather? One that's nicely leather-scented, sexy, and not too intense but not too light? Amazingly versatile, this is an invaluable addition to the collection of those who enjoy lighter, sensuous play, without loads of sting and thud; pleasurable intensity. The top grain is so finely patterned, so different, it's easily recognizable. We have them in black, dark chocolate brown, and tobacco colors. They all combine well with our handle colors.

How do you incorporate it?

A goat flogger works well in the early-middle part of your scene. Try it beforehand to determine exactly where it fits in with your other floggers. Most likely, it'll be after deer, and before cowhide, but every player has their own preferences. It's perfect for a collection of lighter weight floggers. A short goatskin flogger or mop is perfect for Pink Parts, too!

The sensation of goat

Goat hides are glovy, relatively thin (but very strong) and produce both light thud and sting. The edges of the tails are relatively soft so the sting is mild. They won't distort if you throw them harder. You can vary the intensity of the sensation with your throw, as well. For a play partner who wants a variety of lighter sensations, this is a good one to have on hand.

Goatskin, point by point:

The important features of goatskin floggers will guide you in your choices:

Weight and Texture

Goat hides are heavier than deer, but thinner than elk. They're squishy, drape well so they look beautiful as flogger tails.


Medium-light intensity. The firm edges produce some sting, and you can change them for multiple uses.


Vary your stance, your distance from your target, and use different amounts of strength when you throw it.


Black, dark chocolate brown and lighter tobacco tan-brown. Black combines with many colors, tobacco and dark brown with all of our brown and tan lace.


We generally make regular-weight floggers from goat hides. They make nice mops. A higher plait handle pattern adds to their good looks.


Sixteen (16) inches long. We cut the tails one-half (1/2) inch wide, or five-eighths (5/8) inch wide, your choice. Wider tails equals less edges touching skin, creating a denser, deeper effect.