Our Cat O Nines

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Find out about us, how to contact us, ordering information, leather and flogger care, and the latest news about our products. See the 20 colors and 35 patterns we offer for flogger handles. Read about our company's moral philosophy and global committments, the latest news about us. Find out general information about our products, our sales and warranty terms.

Our Floggers and Cats:

Are top of the line, the very best you can buy!
Compare ours to all the others and you'll know we mean what we say.


We spare no effort to be the best at what we do.


Huge selection. Options to suit every taste and preference.


No guess-work. Sky-high quality standards!


Thirty-five patterns and over 20 colors in 3 widths of kangaroo lace.


Hand-selected, no flaws or blemishes.


All designed for sleek, stylish good looks.