Furs are soft and fun!

Sometimes it's fun to play with just pleasurable and loving gentleness. Sometimes you might want a silken sensation in between other, more intense sensations, or you are winding things down at the end of your scene. Both bunny and Spanish lamb can contribute to these. Bunny is silky soft, and Spanish lamb is velvety, instead of silky. The plush fur pile on the lamb is luxurious, never scratchy or itchy. Bunny is available in dark red, black, and dark forest green. Spanish lamb is available in camel, black, and charcoal.

Using furs in your scenes

Fur is excellent for gentle, fun play when you don't want any intensity; it's perfect for play on Pink Parts without fear of hitting too hard and/or potentially causing injury to sensitive places (if you're concerned about that). Quite often, play isn't about that much stimulation; there are times your partner should be able to relax and just enjoy being touched softly, dreamily caressed, and not everyone likes intense play. Fur allows you that choice.

The sensation of bunny and Spanish lamb

Pink Parts play can be done with all kinds of sensations, and some thought should be given to what your play partner truly enjoys. Bunny is silky soft; it can be tickly when drawn lightly across skin. Spanish lamb has a soft, velvety feel, dense and lofty like coarse velvet pile. It's poofier and the light thud is airy and gentle. The back side of the hide is buffed velvet smooth, too. The hide is quite strong, not stretchy or fragile. We cut the bunny tails 1 inch wide, the Spanish lamb 1.5 inches wide.

Bunny and Spanish Lamb Flogger Image Gallery

Below are shown a number of examples of both kinds of fur floggers. These tails are hand-cut in a special method so the fur doesn't get damaged during the process. In matched pairs. Deer makes great mop floggers, too, by adding additional tails to the bundle!

Bunny and lamb, point by point:

The important features of both kinds of fur floggers will guide you in your choices:

Weight and Texture

Both fur hides are lightweight. The lamb hide is strong and won't stretch or distort with more intense use. The flesh side of the lamb hide is buffed velvety smooth, bunny is not.


Light, silky, sensuous bunny fur that caresses, and the lamb is soft, wooly, poofy, s touch of soft thump, but not scratchy. It's just soft sensations on the skin for both furs.


Ssensous play, Pink Parts play, anytime or in any scene, in which you want it no-sting, no-thud, and just enjoyable, or anytime you want a break during intense flogging.


We have several colors of skins regularly on hand, but we can order additional ones for custom requests. Please inquire for what we have in stock, or to request a custom one and we'll see if we can get what you want.


The only real style choices are for the handle colors and pattern, and what color/s of fur you choose to have for the tails.


No choice of length of the tails in these hides, they're dictated by the dimensions of these smaller hides themselves. We cut these tails 1 inch wide, using our own special method that doesn't cut into the fur.